Amy Andrews, The Feel Good Again Health Detective 

“I help health-conscious men and women who are done feeling like crap and want to avoid chronic health problems, to find and solve the root cause so they can have energy, confidence, feel great and rock their life!”

Autoimmune Conditions Are Not a Life Sentence!

My story, the short version: I was always sick as a kid, but I didn’t know that would be a problem later in life. I was raised on antibiotics, processed food and second-hand smoke. It was the 60’s and 70’s, after all. I didn’t get the inoculation of a healthy microbiome (good gut bugs) from nursing that we now know is so critical to ongoing immune health. I was fed formula. I had a traumatic brain injury from a forceps delivery–I cried for the first two years. I had strep throat and penicillin every year, mono, rheumatic fever, and ongoing issues with yeast. That’s how it was done back in the day, and I’m guessing I’m not the only one who had this kind of experience.

I’m an athlete, a former equestrian, now a mountain biker. In my late 20’s I got into cycling and got more serious about my food, exercise, and healthier habits. Then out of the blue at age 44, after a series of major stressors, I was diagnosed with Autoimmune Type 1 Diabetes. I said “how could this happen to me? I eat clean, I’m a holistic health pro, why me? Why did this happen?” I’m certain that my hidden, symptom-free gluten sensitivity played a part in shutting off my pancreas.

Since the new research on autoimmunity and the gut microbiome have been released, we now know the devastating health challenges people like me typically suffer through. We also know the workarounds, the strategies to get the healthy gut that we never had before. It’s possible to rebuild your body, create and colonize a healthy gut, rebuild immunity, heal and seal the gut lining, and turn off what is called “autoimmunity.” To understand the scope of this misunderstanding called autoimmunity, I encourage you to watch Dr. Tom O’Bryan’s film series called Betrayal.

Through my learning, struggles, testing blood sugar and taking insulin to stay alive for every bite of food, all the protocols, research, suffering and witnessing others, this Blessing I call Type 1 Diabetes is the Fuel for my Purpose. Anthony William says it’s my “Purpose Plus.” I am here to heal myself and to be a guide to help others find their own healing. It takes a lot of self-love to do this kind of ultra self-care! That’s my lesson, and I feel blessed.

There is a way! It has been quite a journey to rebuild my health and to find what works for me. I have invested in myself over and over, so I can avoid expensive and unfortunate health issues later in life. I just want share my life with my husband, ride my bike, walk my dogs, grow food in my garden, serve my Purpose, and have fun! I have never stopped pursuing the root causes, finding the new research and strategies from the best mentors I could find, so I can help people avoid unneeded suffering.

If you receive a ripple, a spark, new info, revelation or just motivation to avoid burnout and keep going on your quest for a healthier you, you are my reason, my Purpose. Keep going, you will keep improving, you will be so happy you made the effort!  It’s possible to create the health of your dreams, and it’s a process. All you need is to keep going with love, the right strategies, the vision of what you want. See you on the journey!

My Background

I’ve been practicing holistic health coaching for 24 years, always integrating new learning to help others, to meet people where they are, and help them break through old barriers to create vibrant health.

Here are a few of my qualifications, they are all integrated into my Feel Good Again Breakthrough Program and my practice with individuals and groups who want to improve their health:

• Certified Practitioner of the Kalish Method of Functional Medicine

• Ongoing Kalish Mentorship Clinical Rounds

• Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner – FDN-P

• Certified Gluten Practitioner

• Certified Transformational Nutrition Coach

• CHEK Practitioner 4, Corrective Holistic Exercise Kinesiology

• CHEK Holistic Lifestyle Coach 2

• Registered Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapist

To learn about your best next move to improve your health, apply for a free Health Breakthrough Session at Feelgoodagainhealth.com/gift. I look forward to speaking with you!