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Hi, I’m Amy Andrews, The Feel Good Again Health Detective and Your Metabolism Makeover Expert. Sometimes health drifts away and we can’t figure out why! Do you have digestive issues, weight loss resistance, fatigue, belly fat, stress, depression or sleep issues? These symptoms all depend on the delicate balancing act of three body systems: the hormonal, digestive and detoxification systems that primary to returning your body to health and eliminating symptoms along the way. I’ve been there, I’ve recovered my health and it’s my mission to help others do the same.

I help people naturally solve chronic energy, weight, digestion, mood and hormone imbalances. I am dedicated to helping you makeover your metabolism, feel good again, defy diabetes naturally and be free to enjoy life! It’s possible to spark your energy, confidence, healthy hormones and happy belly, while creating new health habits for life.

For 22 years I’ve been a health detective, helping people to solve their health issues naturally. I’m certified as a Kalish Method Practitioner and Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner. Currently I am mentored by Dr. Dan Kalish, in the Kalish Method of Functional Medicine.

My background in bodywork, holistic health coaching and as Corrective Exercise Specialist and CHEK Practitioner4 gave me unique tools to guide people who want to feel young again, stop symptoms, restore sports performance and be free to function without limits. Specializing in functional exercise and biomechanics showed me that people can fix their own problems from the inside-out–by correcting hormonal, digestive and detoxification issues with lifestyle. That just made sense to me, and it works!

A theme I saw in my clients over the years was that anyone who wants to be independently healthy has to balance the Three Body Systems: Hormones, Digestion and Detoxification. In each person who had symptoms, I could trace back the source of their issues to stress hormone imbalances, digestive inflammation and infections, and detox problems, or  the inability to get rid of toxins coupled with nutrient depletion.

You can solve your health mysteries by looking behind the curtain! The evidence can be seen in lab testing, where you can check your biochemistry and physiology with sensitive, functional tests. We are looking for the sub-clinical status that may be causing symptoms but doesn’t look like a disease yet. The lab results help create a unique roadmap back to health, whereby and you can clear all the blocks that keeping you functioning at less than your potential and keep you feeling badly.

To see if this is a fit for you, take the Self-Assessment Tests HERE.

My story

I learned about rebuilding health the hard way. It all started years ago when I got a clue that I am the answer I’d been looking for! I began to repair my health after being really sick since early childhood. When I was born I suffered a traumatic brain injury from a forceps delivery, I didn’t have the benefit of being nursed, and this set me up for a rough start in life–my name was “scream and cry” until age 2!  I was always sick as a kid. I was raised on round after round of antibiotics and we ate typical processed foods in our family.  I had strep, mono, and my first autoimmune condition was at age 9, rheumatic fever. After that I had a beastly addiction to sugar! When I hit my 20’s, my ongoing weight battles, inflammation, imbalances and overall un-wellness was obvious to me–the doctors had nothing to say to support me.

I have been working on rebuilding my health for 25 years, and I’m proud to say, I’ve got it! The first big revelation came when I took my first Adrenal Stress Profile test in 2000 with Dr. Dan Kalish. This was life-changing, because it explained everything I had been feeling! And the plan and protocol was clear, I followed it and fixed myself! I had energy for the first time, and learned how to exercise enough, in the right ways, and how to eat an anti-inflammatory diet. Now Dan Kalish is one of my mentors, and I love the repeatable results we get using his decades of testing and protocols. You can get there, too!

For more info about how the Your Metabolism Makeover works, watch my video HERE.

The 5-step Makeover Your Metabolism Formula gives you the power to solve your chronic health problems naturally, to feel awesome, to determine your own health destiny and be free to enjoy life again.

If your doctor says your tests are “normal,” but you don’t feel right, trust your instincts. Why sit around and wait for an imbalance to become a disease? I hear baby boomers commiserate about symptoms and medications, perpetuating the myth that “it’s normal to be falling apart,” that “it’s just a part of aging.” Symptoms are common, but they aren’t normal!

If you have symptoms, your body systems have been out of balance — for a while. Symptoms are like the “check engine” light on your car’s dashboard.  You can change your mind and no longer accept that it’s “part of aging” because “it runs in the family.” Hiding symptoms with meds can make the imbalances worse, and health can decline further.

Let’s get to the root of your health issues now, empower you to determine your own health destiny, and take control of your future and freedom.

Important: We’re not doctors, and don’t diagnose, treat, cure, prevent any illness.  We offer educational services only.

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