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Top 3 Tips for Fat Loss

Top 3 Tips for Fat Loss

Can three simple changes be the catalyst to help you lose extra fat? If it’s so simple, why hasn’t it happened for you yet? Our hectic lifestyles bombard us with over-scheduling, fast and inflammatory foods, trying to do too much, stressors and toxins. Why not switch things up and try these Top 3 Tips. What do you have to lose, except stress and fat?

1. Go Gluten-Free for 14 Days. Is gluten-free living just a fad? Not likely. A recent poll tells us that a third of us are looking at a gluten-free lifestyle. Leading experts say there are no (zero) people who can digest the proteins in gluten, and it’s just a matter of time before it shows up in our lives as symptoms. Excess fat and the cluster of misery that goes with it are strongly connected to gluten. The New England Journal of Medicine published a study showing that 55 diseases are connected to gluten sensitivity.

A primary cause of extra body fat is the inability to regulate blood sugar. Dr. William Davis, author of Wheat Belly says that two tablespoons of wheat bread causes the same blood sugar effect as two tablespoons of sugar! The culprit is modern, new-fangled wheat and its high gluten-containing proteins, which cause inflammation and mucous in the gut.

Most of us are clueless about what’s happening in our bellies! Does your gut tell you it’s inflamed? If you’ve ever had a booger, then you may be sensitive to gluten. The mucous reaction is the way your immune system goes after invaders, and it comes to mistake gluten as an invader, creates mucous, and this causes inflammation.

The standard American diet (SAD) recommends eating grains like wheat, rye, barley and common grains daily. We are told that “whole grains” are good for us. I personally found the opposite to be true! Earlier in life, we may be able to handle the inflammation from gluten between assaults–breakfast, lunch and dinner–and our immune systems get tired. The ongoing stress of fighting an inflammatory trigger can exhaust your body’s ability to adapt.

When you need your immune system for a threat, it’s already tired from dealing with the inflammation from gluten! After some years, eventually the body reaches a threshold and we can become “gluten sensitive.”

Gluten sensitivity is a Gluten-Related Disorder on a spectrum from no sensitivity to gluten, to Non-Celiac Gluten Sensitivity, to full-blown Celiac Disease.

A reaction in the intestines creates a misunderstanding for your immune system. Eventually, your body attacks you due to the reaction to gluten proteins. Bingo! This is the signal that autoimmune disease has begun.

Did you know that autoimmune issues are the #3 cause of getting sick and dying? Did you know that autoimmune diseases may be optional, avoidable and (a few experts say) even reversible? Did you know that a simple food swap can help you avoid this mess, misery and expense?

If you have symptoms (of any kind), here is your invitation to remove gluten-containing grains and try a gluten-free life. It’s not forever, and it’s easy. You may feel so good, you may just stick with it!

It’s amazing how one change–removing gluten–can create such profound improvements. We can improve energy, lift brain fog, ban the bloat, get happy digestion, boost libido, clear up skin, reduce pain and inflammation, and more.

But how do I change? Swap grains and flours for vegetables, fruits and gluten-free snacks. Eat the way our ancestors ate—from nature! Get some satisfying crackers & snacks made with healthy foods, seeds, nuts, veggies, fruits, pastured meats and healthy fats!

If, after 14 days, you have improved in any ways, please consider finding a gluten educated practitioner to help you navigate the next steps. Do research, read labels, keep feeling good!

Are all gluten-free diets healthy? NO! Many ready gluten-free products have unhealthy ingredients that can push blood glucose just as high. Avoid boxed gluten-free junk food with high sugar, corn syrup, hydrogenated fats. Avoid lots of rice flour, potato starch (use sparingly) and avoid “GF” flours that push the blood sugars sky high.

Just try it. It’s only 14 days to begin. Eat real, unprocessed, organic (as often as possible) food from nature and remove gluten 100%. It’s easy, it’s a trial, see how you feel!

2. Lights Out, Go to Sleep! We can’t trick nature, and we know humans benefit from 7-9 hours of sleep. Your fat may be due to lack of rest. Get to bed by 10, plan to get up by 6 or later, and melt extra fat.  It sounds so simple, but habits can be hard to change.

If you currently stay up until 11:30, you are missing out on nature’s free cure—rest and sleep.  Move your bedtime back 30 minutes every week or so until you are getting to bed by 10.

To help make this easy, around 9pm turn off unneeded lamps, TV and computer (the unnatural light can overstimulate.) Record your favorite late night show. Read a book, meditate, do yoga, talk to your family, and see what happens when you get the proper amount of ZZZs.

People on a “sleep diet” benefit from reduced stress, improved hormone balance, and they can melt pounds and fat off the body!

3. Add Water! Most experts agree that the minimum amount of water needed for daily maintenance of brain and body function is half your body’s weight, in ounces.  So if you weigh 150, your minimum is 75 ounces of water. Add a liter for an hour of exercise.

No, coffee doesn’t count. If you drink coffee, add twice that amount in water to recover from the dehydration effect. Measure out your ounces, and make a quota for yourself. You will need water to wash out the toxins your fat has been holding!

Start with a Wellness Quiz to help you become aware of your current state when you begin using these Tips. Take the Quiz again after two weeks and four weeks. Keep track of how you are feeling.  For more information on how to implement these Tips, visit www.FeelGoodAgainHealth.com.