Success Stories

“Amazing! I feel like I used to! For the first time in months, I have energy and feel excellent! No stomach cramps, no diarrhea, lots of energy!  And my eye allergies are gone. Thanks for all your support! Back to normal! ;-)”  -Patti


“The veil of fear is lifted! I was living in fear of pain. I’m validated—my doctor didn’t believe me. I’m not afraid to eat more than chicken, my kazoo farts are gone, and that autoimmune sign I have is disappearing. I feel like myself!”  -Katy


“Working with Amy is amazing. She is extremely present. She is so clear and helps summarize and clarify what feels confusing or overwhelming to me. It becomes clear when she speaks it. Through this process I have hope and certainty that my health is improving. Amy knows her stuff!!! I appreciate how well she connects and makes me feel good. For me, Amy has explained problems that my doctors didn’t know how to handle. There are subtle techniques she uses that have made a massive shift in my well-being; no one else knew how to do this. I learned how to be in charge of my body.”  –Felicia., Integrative Massage Therapist

“I’ve been working with Amy to regain control of my health and feel good again. Tests she recommended showed functional abnormalities with my adrenal glands and digestive system. Before, I had a hard time getting out of bed in the morning, being motivated, productive and crashed every afternoon from 2 to 4. This is not how I wanted to live my life. I had been to several doctors and all they wanted to do was prescribe medication to treat my symptoms. I knew in my gut that there was more to the picture.

“I started the protocols and made changes to my diet. Once I saw the results, I knew it was worth it and happily complied. I also started exercising, and I feel like myself again. Amy is very supportive, understanding and responsive. She explains how the body works and uses objective assessments to determine which tests may be beneficial. Thanks to her I am well on my way to re-gaining my health and happiness. Oh and my business has exploded since I’ve started feeling better. I’m more focused, disciplined, and have the energy to put into my work.

“I felt like myself today while working more than I have in a long time. The woman I like is coming back! This feels so good! Helping people after I have been through challenging issues…no better way than to give back and pay it forward! Thank you!” –  Kim,  Wellness Coach


 “I can’t thank you enough for your knowledge and expertise. You are awesome! I tell many people how much you’ve helped me and our family. I’m still holding strong and hitting the program daily. I’ve had 4 hard rides since we met last week and no issues! Thanks!”   – Chris, Competitive Cyclist


“I can’t thank you enough for all the help you have given me. You are truly changing my health and life. I appreciate your hard work and dedication. I can tell you really care about people and your passion for what you do is evident. You are the first person that has actually –first of all– believed me! And the first person who has actually been able to help me. I am blessed to have met you, a thousand thank-yous!”
     “I heard about Amy from many of my triathlete and health-conscious friends. I had been suffering with diarrhea, fatigue and a chronic ‘leg injury’ for years.  It turned out, after Amy’s assessment, to be an unaddressed spinal injury all those years! Doctors and physical therapists had done little to help me. The GI distress I was experiencing was limiting my activities and making life very difficult–I could hardly exercise!
     “Thanks to Amy my gut is now healthy again and I can fit in my clothes! She recommended various tests to discover the cause of my problems, and helped me get myself back to normal. Amy helped me navigate the confusing world of supplements, has introduced me to a cleaner diet and recommended nutrient-dense foods.
     “Amy has provided me with an exercise regimen to ease the disk pain I had– she is helping me on the road to recovery. She is always available whenever I have questions or concerns. I am so grateful to Amy for all her help and wisdom. She has made a huge difference in the quality of mine and my family’s health and life.”    
-Jo, Triathlete

“Working with Amy has been one of the best decisions I have ever made. I had been challenged to figure out my health imbalances and bring them back to a place that feels good. Amy’s methods are always about decoding the hidden causes by collecting lab data, listening to my words and testing my body. It is never about forcing it to change but rather about simply allowing what is more in harmony with my good health to come forth.  Amy is truly a master at helping others feel good again, she’s a body/health whisperer.

“Working with Amy has allowed me to see my health in a whole different light. She helped me see the possibilities of better health in a way that is very different than traditional medicine. Our work together was never just about fixing the symptoms and prescribing something according to that symptom, it is about getting to the core of the problem and resolving it there. Uncovering & healing the core issue gives me a chance of being in a state of better health more often than not.

     “There are two main challenges that I dealt with: migraines and lower back pain. I am working regularly with Amy to decode a solution for the migraines and we are getting closer and closer. I did what she told me and because of it, I am much more aware of what is going on to cause my headaches. She recently helped me with to stop some terrible lower back and leg pain. What she knew to do, simply by asking a few questions and testing a few things, was incredible. Then she taught me how to fix my issue. It was priceless for me to feel better.
     “The cost of not working with Amy all these years would be tremendous. All my layers of health challenges would still be going on….plus new ones most likely. That is not the way I want to live. It is priceless to get answers that get improved results for my health. There is no better way to live than on a journey of solving problems permanently. When new issues show themselves, I am going straight to working with Amy. It is the fastest, most organic way to solve my health problems and get feeling better again.
     “It is important to note that if I had not made the changes offered to me, I would not have the results that I wanted. My new, improved health results would not be mine if I had not taken the actions that she suggested.
     “Amy is to restoring health as a roadmap is to driving. She guides with precision and accuracy, she shares her immense amount of knowledge, and teaches you how to navigate your own health.  If I hadn’t acted on the recommendations, I wouldn’t have my new results. That is one of the best things about working with Amy. She understands the challenges to changing long standing health habits and eases us into the transition with grace and patience.” – Allison, Results Coach


     “Amy Andrews  serves each client as a whole with the intent of helping them establish freedom, balance and wellness in their life. Her desire and purpose is to help people get out of discomfort, and help them rebuild a full and healthy life. She has a passion when it comes to information. When she has gathered the information to help you on your journey, she takes you step by step on a path that is personalized for your healing.

     “Dealing with adrenal fatigue and my own hormonal imbalances, Amy was diligent on writing up my daily regime, nutritional intake and elimination process.  It has been invaluable for me. She planted the seed for me to make a complete holistic lifestyle change for myself and for my family.
     “Amy was definitely put on this planet to make it better. I am grateful for all she has opened my eyes to: my choices, my health and my future. She showed me how she made the same changes, how she walks the talk and integrates a happy way to be independently healthy.” – Leslie, Chef